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North Elmsall Ride blog 2017

November 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Through the tunnelNorth Elmsall 2017

Please enjoy the video below, and don't forget to check out all the photos if you haven't already from the ride in the

equestrian ride gallery on this website.  



Not everything went to plan!

  Another new ride for me, so having never been to this venue I was totally reliant on sat-nav (Google Maps).  As I approached, I could see the horse trailers in a field and breathed a sigh of relief as I obeyed my computerised directions and turned into a lane.  This lane went very narrow and over grown before I was halted by bollards at the end with no entrance to a field in sight.

Reversing back down the lane as branches and twigs brushed the paint work of my car whilst I raised my hand to apologise and acknowledge the dog walkers and cyclists that had to lean into the hedge for me to pass.


      Out on routeMaking my way to the first section by a lake. This did not work as a location for me, so moved onto a different, more favorable position.      

   I had looked at the route on an ordanance survey map to get my bearings and pick out a couple of shooting locations.  The plan being to photograph 1 location early on and then move to a second later on and capture riders as they returned to the venue.  I was told of a lake/pond that the riders would pass and as this was early on I headed out there straight away.  However, on reaching this location I found it to be less than ideal.  The sides of the path were overgrown and high, and with the location of the early morning sun the best place for me to stand would have been in the middle of the water (bot happening) so, looking at the map I pushed on until I found a suitable location which I think works really well.

 The light in this location is favorable, as it is to my left and slightly behind so illuminating the riders well.  Although I prefer a rolling countryside scene for my riders to be in, the North Elmsall ride does cut through some urban developed areas and busy roads (check out the video as I walk from one location to another).  So on this occasion I really like the stone railway tunnel, this anchors the photo, puts the riders in a sense of place and scale while also allowing for a darker background further enhancing the horse and rider as the main focal point.

The Foliage all around also adds texture and colour to help fill the frame.  The slight incline also lets the horses show some effort and power up the hill for some great action sequenses.  Or just walking up for a leisurely plod.


  A Great location


Homeward bound

This is where my day started to fall apart.  Trying my best to count the riders, it shouldn't be difficult but I always lose count, and taking into account maybe some no shows or wrong routes, I headed to the main road to cut back to the venue and a section to photograph the ridres heading back in from the end of the ride.  I came across the sprayed arrows on the road indicating that I was on the right path, and looking at my route map everything was good.  I even came across a couple of happy riders on the road, so I pushed on as time was against me.

Unforunately, I was not aware of a late route change, and missing the diversion arrows continued on into an estate and down by a path at the side of a Co-Op and into the countryside with no sign of any horses, riders, sprayed arrows - nothing.  I tried the other side of the road and the country park that was to be used, but this looked like a building site,  again no evidence of any ride to be passing here.  So I reluctanly headed back to the venue for a few more casual shots as the remaining riders prepare for their journey home.





So, although it was not my planned day I had a great time photographing you and really appreciate all the smiles and waves for you all.


Thank you all for my experience and for viewing and buying the images.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.



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