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July 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Stanhope EGB Equestrian Horse Pleasure Ride Event Marimages PhotographyStanhope FellLast of the riders off the fell at the Stanhope

Another new venue for me, and the weather was much better than I was expecting.

              Please enjoy the short slide show below, and don't forget to check out all the photos from the ride in the equestrian ride gallery on this website.  There are also extra photos to be viewed on my Facebook page album at the following link.

Stanhope EGB video blog.Slideshow of photos and video segments taken at the Stanhope EGB ride earlier this year.
                                                                                               * Please note video is only 7 minutes long (not the 12 stated)

I had a beautiful drive over the hills and into Weardale, the scenery is stunning and the clouds were so low I felt as though I could touch them.  As I descended I got my first glimpse darkness that was Stanhope.  Not that the weather was bad, in fact it was far better than I expected.  According to the weather apps I was going to get wet from start to finish.  I arrived early and Sarah had got word from the farmer that there would be no rain until early afternoon, and he was spot on.  When will the farmers write a weather app of their own?   


     Alison AinsleyLook no hands      

  As this was my first time at this venue, I was given plenty of advise on where would be a good position to get you all as you ride past.  My first section was a good choice as it allowed me to drive up and park by the farm, also this route was going to be covered by all riders so I at least have a chance to capture everyone from the ride.  The down side to driving up is that I was there for almost an hour before the first rider came past, fortunately I can now read books on my phone so cracked off a couple of chapters of "Ethan Justice - Origins" by Simon Jenner.  Need to be careful when doing this as some of you and your horses are light of foot and can be on top of me before I know it.

​This is a very relaxed ride, everyone looked to be having a good time and was greeted with plenty of smiles which I really do appreciate.  Once all riders had gone through (to my counting anyway) it was time to make a move and try to capture some riders coming off the fell.  Some of you were much quicker than I expected (sorry Youngs) so didn't get everyone but managed most I think.


  Now I have to admit, at this point I had a mild panic.  I parked the car near the exit from the fell, and could see riders on the top and knew I was no where near a good vantage point.  So I grabbed my camera, locked the car and ran up the hill, then realised my phone was still in the car so ran back, got my phone then ran back up the hill in time to grab my shots.  Now there were more riders coming so moved along to a better location.  Then I could see the rain in the distance coming to soak me, and where was my rain coat, spare batteries and cards.  That's right in my car so far in the distance it could not be seen.  There was only one thing to do, and that was to walk around it.  I got away with a few spots of rain so very lucky.​  

Homeward BoundFinal riders on their way home.


          Although it was very windy up on the fell, you lot must be very hardy as you were all smiling, and even the youngsters seemed to be enjoying themselves.  The farmer was also up there watching the proceedings, not sure he got a lot of work done on the day as he spoke with so many people on the ride.  I'm sure it made a change for him and his dog.

All that was left was to walk back to the car, make it back to venue and then home to work on the photos.  I had a really enjoyable day and for the most part I kept dry which is always a result.




Thank you for your time, and

hope to see you at a ride soon.




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