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June 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Hetton Lyons EGB Equestrian Horse Pleasure Ride Event Marimages PhotographyRiding under shelterOne of the routes around the Hetton Lyon Lakes

What a wonderful day we had for Dialstone, certainly made up for the soaking we got at Hetton Lyons.  Well done to all involved in the ride, from organisers, helpers and you the riders.  That was a different route along the stream, how did you all manage and what did you think of it?

              Please enjoy the short slide show below, and don't forget to check out all the photos from the ride in the equestrian ride gallery on this website.  There are also extra photos to be viewed on my Facebook page album at the following link.

Dialstone EGB video blog.

 For this ride I drove around to check point A, as I was told that there was a great little stream crossing for the riders to walk through.  I was there early and checked out both sides.  I must say I thought you all did exceptionally well as I have not come across many routes where you enter a stream not being able to see the exit, whilst walking though the water ducking from low overhanging branches.

After a few shots I decided to move to the little meadow as it was brighter and enabled me to capture any riders playing follow my leader.  By eleven o'clock I had been told most of the riders using this route should be finished so I started to make my way out.  At this point I picked up my first rider who had injured herself earlier and was calling it a day, and as she was a little shook up offered to drive slowly whilst she followed me back to the venue.  We arrived just as the emergency posse (Heidi and crew) were on their way to the rescue.

     Stream, Done. Now onto the hills      

  Driving back to the venue took it's toll on my poor car and drained the battery of all it's power.  Fortunately, I came prepared with a power pack and was able to push on up the 2 miles of road to the small car park at the exit of the narrow path leading you all off the hill top.

Once at the top, and I had got my bearings regarding the route, I was able to capture a few riders on the overgrown path which I really do like.  Something a little different I think.  There was a steady flow of riders and It was not always easy to move onto a different section. 

I made it on to the narrow single track which was walled on one side when I saw Caitlin and Robert cantering down from High Barn.  So I ran down to the gate, while walkers made way for me, one of them commenting that they hoped I had not just robbed the camera. I made it to the gate and held it open with one leg whilst photographing them approaching.  After that I had a bit of time to catch my breath.


   I love being up near High Barn, the views are great and there is plenty of space to capture the riders either cantering up hill to High barn, or away from High Barn with large trees in the background.  In between riders I can sit down and watch the walkers and cyclists pass by and take in the scenery.  This was where I collected my second rider.  Debbie was injured after a fall and could not re-mount and was struggling to put any weight on her leg at all.  Claire was able to take both horses back to the venue whilst I waited with Debbie for Heidi and the cavalry to arrive.

One of the benefits to taking part in the organised rides, particularly the larger ones is that there are people available with help and advice should any problems arise.  Everyone seems to rally around to ensure horse and rider are taken care of and home safe.






Thank you for your time, and

hope to see you at a ride soon.




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