marimages | Brough Park Ride 29th May 2016

Brough Park Ride 29th May 2016

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Marimages photography EGB equestrian horse event pleasure ride at Brough ParkThe Last Canter HomeA small group of riders pass me on their way back to the venue

   Second time around this year for Brough Park, but that didn't stop a really good turnout of around seventy riders.  Earlier in the year, this ride included an option for indoor schooling and touch therapy which seemed to go down really well with those that attended. 

              Please enjoy the short slide show below, and don't forget to check out all the photos from the ride in the equestrian ride gallery on this website.  There are also extra photos to be viewed on my Facebook page album at the following link.

Brough Park Slide ShowPhotos from the ride at Brough Park ride on 29th May 2016
Sheffield Wednesday at Wembley for the Championship play off final against Hull CityMy other passionA great day out spoilt only by the result.

This ride had been planned in with me for a few months with Nicole Pink, little did I know that my football team would make it to the Championship Play off final in London the day before.  So all my gear was prepared on the Friday ready for the Sunday shoot as I did not get back until just after 1am, my only concern was sleeping through the alarm.

The Sunshine of Thirsk turned to bland featureless skies which was great for me as I did not need to worry about harsh shadows on your beautiful faces and falling asleep in a field while you all rode by.  I also drove to the first section as I knew I would not have time to get additional shots at the later stage of the ride if I was to walk, as I like to do. (Also, it was starting to become a very long weekend).

 I was in position nice and early and had a walk on the River Swale section just after CP1, where the first two riders had pointed out that some of the markers had already been removed making navigation tricky.  With the exception of a few no shows and late starters everyone passed by me with smiling faces and in good spirits.

When I thought I had seen most of you pass, I made a decision to call it a day and drive onto another location where you leave the road for a bridle way to the top of Scotton not far from the venue.  As you were all fairly spread out with the timings a lot of you had already passed and only saw a few of the later riders a second time.




Marimages photography EGB equestrian pleasure horse ride event at Waskerley, Teeside.The three greysAnn Goodall and followers

River Swale



Brough has been a good venue and I have manage to find new places to use as backdrops, which if possible I like to do as it means you have the option of a different look to the photo if you attend the same ride year after year.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and view the photos and a really big thank you to all of you that have placed your orders.  I hope you all enjoyed your rides and look forward to seeing you again soon.


Take care of yourselves and hope to see you at another ride soon.

If you are looking for a ride, check out Hetton Lyons, on 12th June  from Durham and Teeside group, follow the attached link.

or, Dialstone on 19th June from the North and East Yorkshire EGB group ride, see link below.


Music for the slide show was provided












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