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Aldham Mill EGB Blog 2017

September 22, 2017  •  1 Comment
Happy to ride

A new ride is great to get you buzzing again, this was my first visit to this ride, which was run from the Aldham Mill Equestrian Centre and glad of the invite from Jeni Gilbert of the West Riding EGB group.  

Please enjoy the short video below, and don't forget to check out all the photos if you haven't already from the ride in the equestrian ride gallery on this website.  



Not knowing the route at all, it is time to crack open the ordanance survey maps and examine the route.  As there were 2 loops either end of a long run with the venue in the middle, I decided to try both sections and drove to the first loop.  Walking the entire loop I was struggling to find a location suitable with space and lighting.

Having walked round most of the first loop I settled on a section the seemed to work, abit of space and a green neutral back ground.  Unfortunately, it was also fairly rutted which did not lend itself to flowing movement from the horse and riders as they passed me by.  Had I walked on for another 5-10 minutes I would have found a beter location.  So, one to try another year.


  We made it


I didn't know what to expect from this ride and surprised how scenic it is considering the location is so close to Barnsley and busy roads.  The route takes you along dismantled railway lines

Once I thought most riders had been past, I decided to move on to my second location and parked near the McDonalds and picked up the route heading out.  Some of the best locations were further round on the course and the weather was holding it's own but the back drops were a little dry and dusty.

At the top of the hill I sat by the side of the track, and shot a few video clips whilst waiting for some more riders and promptly 2 showed up and got some great shots with a moody sky back drop.  It was then the the heavens opened and I just sat there in the rain wrapped in my kagool (not cool but dry)


 Timing is everything, and I had waited as long as I dare and so started on my walk back to the venue in the down pour when I came upon a couple of late starters.  Again not my ideal location but at least you can see the rain coming down which makes these slighly diferent.

Driving back to the venue gave me some time for extra photos and got a couple of the time keepers / Stewards.  The weather had turned again and was now alot brighter and warmer, and Sarah and Angela were carefully and sucessfully drying out a bee from the down pour.

I was also on hand to capture a few riders returning back to the venue.  

New rides are great, but rarely go right the first time out and it is a case of working the location as and when you can.  This in itself gives me a buzz and look forward to trying Aldham Mill again soon - if invited.


                  Bee Keepers and Time Keepers

                                                Thank you all for my experience and for viewing and buying the images. 

                                                                     I look forward to seeing you again soon.




Up coming rides:

So if you like what you see and would like to know more about Endurance rides, please see the attached links to the right.






I will be at : Thirlby EGB ride has been re-scheduled to 15th October 

                   click here for - Thirleby ride information








angela peace
Lovely write up and glad we saved the Bee.
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