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August 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Raby EGB Equestrian Horse Pleasure Ride Event Marimages PhotographyLap oneFirst riders out and heading back to CP1, with colourful heather awaiting them on the larger loop.

Please enjoy the short slide show below, and don't forget to check out all the photos from the ride in the equestrian ride gallery on this website.  There are also extra photos to be viewed on my Facebook page album at the following link.

Harwood Dale EGB video blog.

I really enjoyed myself at this years Raby ride, and with it being a 10am start time allowed me the opportunity to grab a photo of Raby Castle on my phone (see opposite).  With knowledge from last year I set off walking a good 30 minutes before the riders were due to set off as I knew exactly where I wanted to be and didn't want to get stranded in the woods while they were passing me by. 

The last few rides I have made use of my car to get around the routes, but it was good to get back to walking and enjoying the views as you the riders do and experiencing the different terrain, sound and weather conditions.

  Blackton ReservoirLooking rather dry
     Ride PartnersThere is no stopping some people      

  My first spot was in a section between CP1 and A, there is an open field with a beautiful small hill where the riders, if they like, can really have some fun and express themselves a little.  This has got to be one of my favourite locations, because of the actions shots, the scenery and the light is also in the right place for me.  I can also see a good way into the distance and see the riders approaching giving me time to get ready and also giving you the riders time to see me and not spook your horses too much.

It is good to see so many familiar faces, at these rides.  Even when you don't have a horse you can not stop yourselves from attending and having a go.  Can't have been easy on a bike though.  Well done and look forward to seeing you back in the saddle.

   With the Raby ride, quite a few of you I will have seen twice.  I did look at using a second location which was over the hill and through a couple of gates.  Again, this location also works as far as back drops and light but with the field being slightly overgrown, the route to take was not always clear and so I could not guarantee being in a close enough location to the riders.

In between riders I managed a quick word with Nikki on gate duty and also a couple of riders stopped for a chat which was very nice as normally it is just a wave and a shout.  Ken caught me out as I was on my way back to the first shooting spot as he came over the brow of the hill.  It was nice to take this shot for him as he normally goes full throttle and last year he was one I passed in the woods last year.

  Ken Miller PortraitSecond time round, caught between 2 shooting locations.

  Once I thought all riders had gone passed, I made my way back to the venue following the route back.  The intension was always to wait near the venue for any riders still out doing the longer route.  Another opportunity photograph in a different location.  On the way back I did venture slightly off course but the benefit was a quiet little stream which you probably didn't see, so there is a photo below for you.  There was also a couple of team EGB spectators enjoying the events as you all passed by.  I wonder what they made of it all.

Upon checking my phone app, I clocked up 8km myself although my time was well down as it took me 5 hours 20 minutes, but looking back at the photos from the day, I think it was worth it.  Thank you all for my experience and for viewing and buying the images. 

                                                                     I look forward to seeing you again soon.


Endurance spectatorsGo team EGB


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