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Welcome to my website.  My name is Andrew and thank you for sparing the time to visit, I hope that you enjoy my photos and find something that you like.

I've always enjoyed photography, long before I tried to understand it.  As well as being a creative outlet for someone who can not paint, dance or sing,  there are infinite possibilities with a photograph to capture that special moment.

I enjoy all types of photography, as you can see from the galleries I attend quite a few horse events.  I am not a horse rider, but have been introduced into it by my fiancé who really enjoys spending time With her horse, Falcon.  I have been out riding on a few occasions on Falcon, but I can safely say that it is not a passion for me.  I applaud all horse owners for their dedication, time and love of this beautiful animal.


My approach to endurance photography is to explore the ride route as best I can.  This can have it's limitations as I can not move as fast as they can.  Whilst walking around I am looking for vantage points, where the light is falling and in enough space for the horse and rider to see me without spooking either of them.  When they come past, the moment can be gone so fast and sometimes they hunt in packs so I need to be prepared.


Through photography I am able to appreciate the beauty and power of these impressive creatures, and love to capture them in full flight.  It's even nicer when I get a smile or a wave from the rider. I think this action can really improve an image.


My first camera was an Olympus Trip 35mm, and loved to take photos of my day trips to the coast.  It was always a great thrill to see my developed slides on a large screen, showing them to friends and family.  Digital has made this process much easier and more accessible, allowing me to develop my own images. 


If you have any questions, or would like more information on my services please feel free to contact me using the contact section of this website.