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Venue ParkingHarwood Dale EGB Venue 2017

Please enjoy the short video below, and don't forget to check out all the photos if you haven't already from the ride in the equestrian ride gallery on this website.  



I have mixed feelings about the Harwood Dale ride due to the severe early lighting conditions on the top, having said that when i have reviewed my images and watched the video; i realise that I am please with how everything has come together.  This year I was looking forward to trying out a different location as I have tended to gravitate towards the same location the last few times I have attended this ride.

Janis kindly e-mailed me a map of the route and had picked out a section covering the CP1 route for the first 1-2 hours of the ride before moving on.  However, things generally don't always work according to plan as was the case on the morning of this years ride.  Due to fallen trees, this section had to be scrubbed which was an irritation to me but a major headache for the organisers who quickly drafted out extra loops and sent out people to do some hasty re-marking.


      Re-markersEster and Kerry on a re-marking misson.      

 I reverted to my past location, where I know I can get good shots of you on route.  I was also able to deliver a helper to one of the gates.  But this location has it's issues on a beautiful bright day as we had this Sunday.  Early on I will be shooting into direct sunlight which tends to wash out the colours/contrast but is fantastic on the return journey to the venue. 

Not long into the ride Kerry and Ester make by to re-mark part of the route as it had been de-marked, probably by some dog walkers.  Kerry has her own ideas on these people, but section 'E' was duly sprayed back in place this time to for you riders to find your way back to the venue.


  It was a beautiful day and as the morning wore on riders were coming from both directions which always keeps me busy and on my toes.  You all looked to be having a great time on the ride dispite the flies, which were plentiful.  Unfortunately, I am unable to do much about this aspect of the ride as was asked by a couple of riders.

Once I am in location I tend to relax a little as I feel that everything is back on track and going to some sort of plan.  It can be quite busy at times especially on in this location as at times I can have riders approching from both directions.  Then there are times when nothing happens, and this can be anything from a few minutes to half an hour which give me plenty of time to think about things and set things straight in my mind for the coming week.  

Thankfully if i'm not looking in the right direction you tend to give me a shout to grab my attention. 



                  Full of the joysSophie Pickard and Elfin

                                                Thank you all for my experience and for viewing and buying the images. 

                                                                     I look forward to seeing you again soon.


  Thistle and Bee


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I will be at : Thirlby EGB ride on 24th September 

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