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Enjoying RabyRaby EGB 2017

Please enjoy the video below, and don't forget to check out all the photos if you haven't already from the ride in the equestrian ride gallery on this website.  



What is your favourite ride?

   If you're like me, you will have a few.  They will all be a favourite for their own special reasons.  It could be locality, terrain, memories of previous rides etc.  Raby is definately one of my top rides and one I really look forward to.

   There is always a good turn out for this ride, which is always good as I know that I will be busy, I could be stood in a field, or various location for upto 5 hours (as was the case this year) so being busy certainly helps pass the time, and when you are busy the day just flies by. 

    I like to set out on foot wherever possible at a ride, and walk as much of the route as possible.  With the way the Raby route has been put together, this allows me follow the 10K route (in reverse) to ensure I am always facing the direction that you are coming from.


      Group riding      

    I am spoilt for choice on locations, as there are a couple of fields with inclines that really lend themselves to the kind of photos I like to take. There is plenty of space for me to keep out of your way and let you put on a show racing up the hills.  Looking through the video (see above link) the smiles on your faces tell me you also enjoy these sections.

Some of you will do this loop a second time, I do try to move around during the course of the ride.  Particulary between the 2 fields where there is a bridge.  One reason is to mix things up from my point of view and keep me interested, second I do get a buzz when I can capture the same rider a second time with a different backdrop.


 I am so glad that most of you like a challenge and are not content with a mere 10K ride, and head off onto the moors for the longer distance.  This allows me to walk back towards the venue, through the fly infested wood and take up a third site to see you heading home.

This also has an incline, it is so nice to see you with enough energy and smiles so late on in the ride.  The Raby ride has so many great locations from my point of view, I can only imagine how it must be to ride around, as there is very little road work, certainly on the early section anyway.  Please feel free to let me know what the moors section is like as I am unlikely to make it out that far without missing most of the riders doing the short section.



  Almost Home


My Photo of the Ride



Mind the flies



There are so many great shots from this ride, showing your horses in full flight with manes and tails flowing, coats shiny and big smiles on your faces that I could have chosen.

I like this shot of Nicky Pink and friend on their second loop.  I came across them on my way back to the venue to capture more riders on the last section. This shows the varied terrain that you will come across on this ride.  I particularly like Nicky's smile solution to the fly infestation that you (and I) had to pass through.






Thank you all for my experience and for viewing and buying the images.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.



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